Plexus is the essence of Hassle-Free Vertical Engineering. It provides reliable performance through proven technology & intelligent construction that makes easier for user. 

We work constantly to improve the safety of existing products. & to develop safer technologies for new product. PLEXUS emphasizes a corporate policy of “SAFETY FIRST” & Standardizes & service is performed the safest way, every time.


Different safety devices comes with the elevators to ensure the safety of the user. they are equipped with a frequency controlled drive for smart operations & the advantages of the wider shaft in the narrow shaft. safety devices are customizable as per the requirement.


Plexus vertical transportation system for modern hospitals have special requirement
such as spacious & durable car, smooth & comfortable travel, accurate stop with inch up & inch
down push button control in car, emergency control features and above all, reliability with safety.
The car dimensions are as per the Indian Standard requirements for Hospital lifts.

From simple transporation of a patient on wheelchair to wheeling away a critical patient on bed
without disturbing his life support system with doctors and nurses attendance , smoothly silently and
swiftly , without jerk and shocks. Plexus elevators carry out this task in style. Bulky equipments can
also be transported with equal ease.


Plexus is adamant on making elevator travel as comfortable it can be for our passengers and make them enjoy the ride.

Reduced Noise

Plexus has tried to ensure that the passenger is travelling in utmost comfort by making a elevator so silent that you can ride in with mental peace.

Integrated Drive Technology

Integrated Drive in Plexus ensures that the Elevator accelerates or decelerates in a smooth S-curve to provide smooth and comfortable ride to the passenger.

Message From CEO

We take pride in meeting the needs and demands of our customers, and have a strong commitment to produce the best elevators. Plexus promise that we will give our best efforts to satisfy your needs with our products and service.
Nitish Sharma
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How Can I help You?